Fat Tire Cafe Racer Meets Old School Cool


During our soft open period we displayed the beast of a machine 'Cafe Racer' prominently in our front window. The lights illuminated it's body beautifully. This bike quickly grew a fan club with locals earning its moniker 'The Hot Rod on Newport'. Many employee's of the fine businesses on Newport Avenue were sad to see it go as it rode off to the next destination. While we wait for our next shipment let us explain the upgrades this particular bike received.

The customer explained the stock seat and tires were not to their liking so our shop upgraded the bike to the nines!


The fine leather-crafters at Brooks were our first thought so we outfitted the bike with a brand new leather seat and a matching leather saddle bag. The dual saddle bag increased cargo capacity with a minimal increase to weight and profile.

In terms of tires the stock ones would not hold up to the kind of adventures the customer is looking for. Our team introduced our customer to Vee Tire brand Zig Zag tires that offer durability and comfort without neglecting the old school look.

Matte Black was the preferred design choice which our team was happy to jump on! We updated the pedals, mirror, and cargo rack as well.

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