RAEV eBikes

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Step into the future of urban commuting with RAEV Bikes, now available at Electric Bike Super Shop in San Diego, CA. RAEV Bikes offers a dynamic range of electric bikes designed for various needs and styles. Their lineup includes the Bullet - The Urban Explorer, Bullet GT - Range For Days, Bullet GTX - Xtreme Power Unleashed, and Bullet X - A Bigger Faster Bullet, each bike promising a unique riding experience.

The Bullet GTX stands out with a top speed of 35 mph and a maximum range of 105 miles, powered by a robust 52V28Ah battery and capable of supporting a payload of up to 350 lbs. The Bullet X, on the other hand, offers a 28 mph top speed, a 50-mile range, and a 48V13Ah battery, supporting up to 330 lbs. For those seeking balance, the Bullet offers a 25 mph top speed and a 50-mile range, with a similar battery and payload capacity to the Bullet X. Lastly, the Bullet GT combines speed and endurance with a top speed of 28 mph, an impressive 105-mile range, and a 48V28Ah battery, also supporting up to 330 lbs.

These bikes from RAEV Bikes are perfect for San Diego's diverse terrain and urban landscape, providing a sustainable, efficient, and exhilarating way to navigate the city. Visit Electric Bike Super Shop to explore the full range of RAEV Bikes and experience the thrill of electric biking.