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OB eBikes XERO2 Fly R 750 w Bike in the shop Moto Ebike 20x4 Electric e-Moto Style eBike


XERO2 Fly R 750 w Moto Ebike 20x4 Fat Tire Electric e-Moto Style eBike


XERO2 Fly S 750 w Moto Ebike 20x4 Fat Tire Electric e-Moto Style eBike


Bicycles, Streetbikes, Dirtbikes. Sharing the thrill of riding anything 2 wheels has been at the core of what we love. Electric bikes are the next evolutionary step in that pursuit and finding a way to get this exciting new experience into the homes of people is the primary goal of our company.

The XERO2 project began through the vision and collaboration of professional motocross/supercross champion Ryan Villopoto and a small group of 2-wheel enthusiasts with an extensive manufacturing background. With the future of all thing’s transportation and fun, shifting to “Xero” emissions coupled with the love of “2” wheels, not to mention Ryan is synonymous with the competitive number "2"…. The brand XERO2 just fit.

Having a life and love of 2 wheels, it was discouraging to see ebikes remaining a product out-of-reach for many. The concept of XERO2 Bikes was born, and we set out to make quality, performance, and affordability our mission.

The key to our success is guided by a philosophy of paying only for what matters. This means focusing on high quality essential features like top line batteries and motors and trimming excess additives that only serve to drive production costs up. The result is a highly capable, affordable, and cool looking eBike that breaks from the pack but not the bank.