Cheeta Cafe Racer


Look, you don't need to tell us that you're sick of your boring bicycle. It's fine. We get it. We've been there. But we are here to tell you that your search for the ultimate fun and stylish electric bike is over. The Cheeta Cafe Racer ebike features a custom-styled frame with fat tires, a motorcycle-inspired look, high-speed twist throttle, LED display and even saddle bags. This way cool electric bike is built to keep you moving forward with a powerful battery that's equipped for up to 45 miles per charge with speeds up to 28 mph.

This thing is loaded with tons of exciting features like:

-A color LCD display so you can see exactly how much juice is left in your battery as well as other important info like speed, distance traveled and more!

-High speed twist throttle makes it easy to accelerate quickly when you need it most!

-Adjustable padded seat lets you find the perfect fit while riding around town or just cruising around on your own time!

Colors: Grey-Black, Black-Brown, custom tank (+$199)

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